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LAS:  Indicator of dark activities, manipulating, hushing up, diving away
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There is more behind the stifle


activities than economic interests only:


Big Oil, Big Bank, Big Brother: Big Disease


The factor Big Disease is nearly unknown. When Big Disease enters into the picture,  the Why-Question gets an answer.




We are for modesty in money questions:

50 million Euro private fortune should be enough. 1000 million or 10.000 million Euro is for a single person clearly too much.

Who wants power to rule over people should fetch mandates from the people. To lead down power over people from possessing unbelievable money mountains is a way, which should be blocked politically.

When all parliaments on the globe simultaneously make a law “100% fortune tax on private fortunes above 50 million Euro”, then this common sense limitation is a fact.

Also is then at one blow enough money available to give all persons on the globe a minimum income and a human life, who cooperate in population balance (see the important spearhead 2: field2pb ).



Die Lösung:

Wir sind für Bescheidenheit in Geldfragen: 

50 Millionen Euro Privatbesitz soll genug sein. 1000 Millionen oder 10.000 Millionen Euro ist für eine Einzelperson deutlich zuviel.

Wer Macht über Menschen will, soll sich dafür Mandate von Menschen holen. Macht über Menschen aus dem Besitz von unglaublichen Geldbergen ableiten halten wir für einen Weg, der politisch blockiert werden sollte.

Wenn alle Parlamente weltweit gleichzeitig ein Gesetz beschliessen:  “100% Vermögenssteuer auf Privatbesitz oberhalb von 50 Millionen Euro”, dann ist diese vernünftige Begrenzung eine Tatsache.

Weiter steht dann mit einem Schlag genügend Geld zur Verfügung, um allen Menschen auf dem Globus, die am wichtigen Bevölkerungsgleichgewicht auf der Erde mitarbeiten (siehe Schwerpunkt 2: field2pb ), ein Minimum-Einkommen und ein menschliches Bestehen zu geben.


De oplossing:

Wij zijn voor bescheidenheid in geldvragen: 

50 miljoen Euro privaatbezit moet genoeg zijn. 1000 miljoen of 10.000 miljoen Euro is voor een enkel persoon duidelijk te veel.

Wie macht over mensen wil, zou zich daarvoor mandaten van mensen halen. Macht over mensen uit bezit van ongelofelijke geldbergen afleiden houden wij voor een weg, die politiek geblokkeerd moet worden.

Wanneer alle parlementen wereldwijd gelijktijdig een wet maken:  “100% vermogensbelasting op privaatbezit boven 50 miljoen Euro”, dan is deze verstandige begrenzing een feit.

Verder komt dan met een slag ook genoeg geld beschikbaar, om alle mensen op de wereld, die meewerken aan de belangrijke bevolkingbalans op de aarde (zie speerpunt 2: field2pb ), een minimum inkomen en een menselijk bestaan te geven.


Set out to investigate and you will find: Big Disease is ruling in the brains of the top people in the oil and bank hierarchies, sabotating all real solutions. And meanwhile it is ruling also in many branches and departments of the other power trees, in Big Industry and Big Administration (Government). The sly fellows with the inherited disease didn’t find much obstacles and resistance to invade the whole system.


It is essential for the 96%-group of normal people to get back control over the money instrument, that is to deprive the sly and sick 4%-group, headed by a group of billionaires (Rothschild, Rockefeller and Company), of the money power instrument by making the fortune limitation law.  96% against 4% : that is possible!


Many people would become pale if they would know, what the pervers 4%-society with so much power is planning as the next step.


The top 120 of the pervers 4%-society meet each year in a conference. The controlled part of the media use to hush up the meeting completely. And those parts of press and TV, not already controlled by the group, get no permission to be present.


The success formula of the pervers society is: do everything so indirect and so invisible as possible.

Page 5 , technology

Page 6 , actual



A functioning money system is a big value for each country, for each regio and today for the world.

But it is corrupted and misused. Why?

Ovaal: Ovaal:

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F1, clean energy

F2, population

F3, money

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It is misused as power instrument and as instrument to steal and to rob more - - - money and via money more values. Thus we have to find a solution

avoiding further misuse. See below!

The money system is occupied by a group, manipulating, playing games, shaking the markets, causing crisis after crisis in order to “harvest” big amounts of money, in order to accumulate power. What is the last motive behind this behaviour? Looking closely we find a perverse motive:

Big Disease



Letter Answer Statistics



Letters to                    J.P. Balkenende (--) , Ministerpresident of NL, 

Thema 2002-2008:     Clean Energy,  friendly informating letters  2002– 2008

Thema 2009:              Suppression of Clean Energy by the Balkenende-government,

                                   by  EZ-Minister Maria van der Hoeven and top-officials,

                                   Now letters in softprovocation-style . See example

Content:                     see a copy here



Letter sent          Remembered          Answer received       Content answer         Judgement

2002-2008          100 times                 no, never                  —                            hushing up  (--)

Ca.100 times


2009 open letter     10 x                      no


7/21/.2009                                           yes,  9/11/2009         see copy                       (--)

                                                                                        Provocation letter

                                   “I don’t want to answer”

                                 with nonsense justification   




Balkenende, supporting a wrong war (David report) with Irakian blood on his hands. About 800.000 war victims .

Balkenende, lieing to the parliament (David report) to get the war started, together with Bush and Blair

Balkenende, defending himself in the Tweede Kamer (18.2.2010), using the strategy of the broken disk  “With the knowledge of now it was wrong. But earlier (lieing) i didn’t know it better. So nobody may blame me. I have done my best”.

The judgement of Ruud Gullit ( WK-President 2018 ) however : “In my opinion Balkenende knew all the time everything. He supported the wrong war consiously. I only don’t know, why !”  he said on TV in P&W on 10.2.2010.  <Fun in big damage> is our explanation, <laugh disease, perversion>. Witteman nodded yes to Gullit:  “Yes, why?” he added.  So we may conclude, the highly intelligent journalist Witteman doesn’t know the WHY either.

The perversion and laugh disease of Balkenende broke visibly through in the interview NOS-journalist Kersseboom with Balkenende after the raid on Koniginnendag in Apeldoorn. In a sudden so much blood and dead and wounded persons on the street : that is a feast for a sadist as Balkenende. Nearly each sentence of Balkenende ended in a big smile of laughter. He had difficulties to control himself and to hide the processes going on in his backhead.

Compare this with the interview Kersseboom with the mayor of Apeldoorn : the mayor deeply sad and in sober earnest, without the smallest smile: the reaction of a normal person in such a situation.


In discussions we see Balkenende, the speaking robot. Who is able to confuse the minds of the audience by quick speaking, doesn’t need to answer really. Or he can present wrong answers and only few are aware of. But body language is always a hint:

Did you watch the body language of Balkenende on TV in the Tweede Kamer –discussion on 18.2.10? Femke Halsema accused him of lieing to the parliament. Balkenende spontaneously nodded yes. Then he remembered, that he had to shake his head. And the nodding yes transformed with a swing into a shaking no.  


Balkenende stifled cheap clean energy during 8 years and wrote in his letter (in free translation):  “I want to avoid to say, why . I prefer to say nothing“.  See a scan of the letter here !

Giant environment damage continued. Giant economical damage for the people!


Diagnosis:  Balkenende is suffering from the perversion disease


Trying to wash his hands in more blood, this time in Afghanistian blood, assisted by Verhagen (--), suffering from the same disease, always on the side of military violence, trying to persevere the military mission in Afghanistan, the cabinet Balkenende fell, because vicepremier Bos (PvdA) refused to follow.





Letter to      Bert Koenders, Minister for Overseas Development Aid

Thema:       Clean Energy, financing a big prototype of the Energybird power plant

                   Development of energy instruments which can be dropped from airplanes

                   to reach suffering people immediately after earthquakes (Haiiti) or tsunamis.

Content|:     see a copy  here



Letter sent          Remembered         Anwer received      Content answer         Judgement


21.10.2009                                       yes, directly            friendly promise      promise broken!                 personally given                                     3 minutes talk            to answer                               (??)


                           12.02.2010            not yet





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Letter to Koenders,     Answer missing                more to follow

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