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Where is my right?







Open brief aan MP Balkenende

2500 AB Den Haag, Catshuis, Binnenhof

Afzender:  TOPtech Energie

                  en Why-Partij, EU-partij met borende why-vragen


Aan de Premier van de Normen en Waarden, Balkenende,

aan de Premier van de catshuisbrand en de “onzorgvuldig” handelende ambtenaren, Balkenende

en aan de Premier van de Multinationals, Balkenende,

die met systeem ongewenste brieven en rapporten in doofpotten stopt,

die geen ongewenste brief beantwoordt, die samen met zijn ministers en topambtenaren meerdere Cheap-Clean Energy-Technieken smoort, welke NL snel olievrij kunnen maken,

die zodoende miljarden Euro schade veroorzaakt.


Zie  , page 5 : three stifled technologies.


Zie ook  met een lijst van 8 gesmoorde

energie-innovaties, in 2 bekende gevallen verbonden met moord.

Een van de Multinationals is Shell, die kort geleden 15.5 miljoen $ schadevergoeding heeft betaald voor vervuiling in Afrika en voor de dood van 8 aanvoerders van de protesten tegen die vervuiling. Hoeveel schadevergoeding moet Shell straks betalen voor de onnodige vervuiling van NL met miljarden liters benzine en olie? En hoeveel aanvoerders van protesten tegen die NL-vervuiling zullen tevoren hier nog sterven?





Open letter to

Ovaal: Ovaal: Ovaal: Deep check  of 
officials in deep silence

O film O



Elke dag opnieuw gaat deze open brief door 10 handen door en dan naar Balkenende. 
Totdat een antwoord komt. Tot nu toe schending van het burgerrecht op antwoord.


Geachte Ministerpresident Balkenende,


Wij eisen antwoord op onze verdwenen brieven en op onze open brieven

op Internet (zie  en op deze brief.

En wij eisen opheldering over de achtergrond van uw Clean-Energy-Smoorpolitiek.

Uw brief  van 11.9.2009 ( 9/11 !! ) zonder antwoorden en met de bevestiging, dat u geen antwoord wilt geven ,  is een bevestiging van wat wij zeggen en dat de beschuldingen tegen u terecht zijn.  Scan of the Balkenende-letter  here:  letter



Kiddds-Network parents and grandparents for the kids of the world


TOPtech Energie, Director Gunther Niessen (photo on the website)

Tel.  06 39 79  6 11 6,,  2612 EA Delft, Surstraat 1


P.S. 1:  We have the democratic right to express our opinion, based on carefully checked facts and experiences. The reason for this form of repeated open letter is: no answer on earlier letters, hurting our right to get answer.

PS 2: Scientists with sharp eyes and inventors, coming across camouflied suppressing powers making big damage, have the duty to warn the public.

It’s deeply wrong to know of the fraud and to remain silent.

(www.)Softprovocation( is a safe way to take responsibility.







Please give a copy of the letter  (print page 2 = the letter)  personally to friends and acquaintancies, without stamp. Or put a stamp on it and send it to MP Balkende. It’s also your right to get an answer.


Please start thinking:  “With 16 million rightfighters in this country Balkenende is a minority and must go!”


Or print this alone and give it to friends:


MP Balkenende is hurting our right

to get answer to serious letters.

See: !

See also with a list of 8 suppressed

energy-innovations, in 2 known cases combined with murder.


Please join the icebreaker-club / the rightfighters. Please start thinking:

 “With 16 million rightfighters in this country Balkenende is a minority and must go!”

With (www.) Softprovocation ( we act within the limits of the laws. The

right is on our side. We are no longer powerless victims, but actors. Act! You can!


Letter Answer Statistics


Letters to                    J.P. Balkenende (--) , Ministerpresident of NL, 

Thema 2002-2008:     Clean Energy,  friendly informating letters  2002– 2008

Thema 2009:              Suppression of Clean Energy by the Balkenende-government,

                                   by  EZ-Minister Maria van der Hoeven and top-officials,

                                   Now letters in softprovocation-style . See example

Content:                     see a copy here



Letter sent          Remembered          Answer received       Content answer         Judgement

2002-2008          100 times                 no, never                  —                            hushing up  (--)

Ca.100 times


2009 open letter     10 x                      no


21.7.2009                                           yes,  9/11/2009         see copy                       (--)

                                                                                        Provocation letter

                                   “I don’t want to answer”

                                 with nonsense justification   




Balkenende, supporting a wrong war (David report) with Irakian blood on his hands. About 800.000 war victims .

Balkenende, lieing to the parliament (David report) to get the war started, together with Bush and Blair

Balkenende, defending himself in the Tweede Kamer (18.2.2010), using the strategy of the broken disk  “With the knowledge of now it was wrong. But earlier (lieing) i didn’t know it better. So nobody may blame me. I have done my best”.

The judgement of Ruud Gullit ( WK-President 2018 ) however : “In my opinion Balkenende knew all the time everything. He supported the wrong war consiously. I only don’t know, why !”  he said on TV in P&W on 10.2.2010.  <Fun in big damage> is our explanation, <laugh disease, perversion>. Witteman nodded yes to Gullit:  “Yes, why?” he added.  So we may conclude, the highly intelligent journalist Witteman doesn’t know the WHY either.


The perversion and laugh disease of Balkenende broke visibly through in the interview NOS-journalist Kersseboom with Balkenende after the raid on Koniginnendag in Apeldoorn. In a sudden so much blood and dead and wounded persons on the street : that is a feast for a sadist as Balkenende. Nearly each sentence of Balkenende ended in a big smile of laughter. He had difficulties to control himself and to hide the ecstacy processes going on in his backhead.

Compare this with the interview Kersseboom with the mayor of Apeldoorn : the mayor deeply sad and in sober earnest, without the smallest smile: the reaction of a normal person in such a situation.


In discussions we see Balkenende, the quick speaking robot. Who is able to confuse the minds of the audience by quick speaking, doesn’t need to answer really. Or he can present wrong answers and only few are aware of. But body language is always a hint:


Did you watch the body language of Balkenende on TV in the Tweede Kamer –discussion on 18.2.10? Femke Halsema accused him of lieing to the parliament. Balkenende spontaneously nodded yes. Then he remembered, after  about 2 seconds, that he had to shake his head. And the nodding yes transformed with a swing into a shaking no.  


Balkenende stifled cheap clean energy during 8 years and wrote in his letter (in free translation):  “I want to avoid to say, why . I prefer to say nothing“.  See a scan of the letter here !

Giant environment damage continued. Giant economical damage to the people.


Diagnosis:  Balkenende is suffering from the perversion disease


Trying to wash his hands in more blood, this time in Afghanistian blood, assisted by Verhagen (--) with the same disease, always on the side of military violence, trying to persevere the military mission in Afghanistan, the cabinet Balkenende fell, because vicepremier Bos (PvdA) refused to follow.



Dark Rooms


For criminal manipulations a group of committers needs ‘dark rooms’,

with only few persons having sight into.

The committers create dark rooms f.i. with the technique “no answers to questions, hiding after walls of silence”.  Sitting in power positions they are hurting the right of citizens to get answers to serious questions. They know: the citizens are so busy with their work and with their life: they will forget their questions. They will loose the string. Normally the technique to avoid answers is working and is creating dark rooms.


Without dark rooms the offender groups cannot manipulate.

Dark rooms are essential for their criminal intentions.

Thus attacking functionaries who refuse to answer serious questions and letting fall sunshine in the dark rooms and on the manipulations therein

is a methode against fraud.


Softprovocation  is a technique to operate safely

and effectively against the games of the legal crime.

It’s a safe methode to spoil their games.


Softprovocation  doesn’t use guns and bullets of iron.

If you want to say so: we are shooting with paper bullets. With the right words on the paper bullets they are stronger than metal bullets: they are able to break dirty power systems down, combined with LAS, with 

Letter Answer Statistics, creating a long memory.


See !


Use the safe method: together with us use paper bullets, f.i. open letters, the more the better, to make shine the sun on wolves in sheep’s clothing.


It’s your democratic right to do zo. Still today. And tomorrow? With a dictatorship coming you will be deprived of this right. By acting now you help guiding the process in the wanted direction. You can!