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TOPtech Energy, Delft

Innovation, development, future research

12.02.2010 .



Minister Bert Koenders

Ministry for overseas development aid, Den Haag



Dear Minister Koenders!


Would it not be fine to go with ship to a region hit by an earthquake or tsunami disaster like Haiiti now or like Sri Lanka earlier

and to install there Energybird Power Plants fed by wind, which can start producing big quantities of energy immediately to supply the suffering homeless people?


The Energybird Power Plants can be built up in no time on the ship itself, on the sea surface, floating units, or on land.


End October 2009 i met you in Café Linde opposite to the Parliament Tweede Kamer, and i gave you my visiting card with the Energybird LOGO and the TOPtech-website-address on it. You told me then you intended to study the website and the film of the Energybird working and then to react.


You told me that CLEAN ENERGY is a heart matter for you and that you just had received 500 million Euro to support developments in developing countries and clean energy installations for those countries.

I am sorry to state, that  we didn’t get a single reaction from you until now. Just nothing. Thus we remember you to react. You have promised it.


Our Energybird System, decorated with an international Innovation Award (DSM Dyneema AWARD), has been built and tested successfully on small scale. We financed that and 10 years of development and improvement work ourselves. With the opposing interests, Big Oil and Company, against us, we didn’t get a single cent from the government. After your friendly words in Café Linde hope raised that that could change. Is your silence during more than 3 months since our meeting a sign, that the opposing interests carry through?


We want to scale up our system. Because of the dimensions, for us the costs are very high. We cannot finance that ourselves. We need support. For you it is a very small part of the 500 million Euro and even a very small part of the 42 million Euro you gave to Haiiti directly. In total we need less than 6 million Euro to build a big prototype with an Energybird of 120 m span. That will be the biggest airplane of the world ever built. And for such a small amount! Ultralight and superstrong, it can reach the high altitude winds, a great hand in the sky, and direct a lot of the energy there to the earth.


We want to build an Energybird of 42 m span first,

an Energybird of 72 m span second,

an Energybird of 120 m span third,

and to test them in strong wind untill 120 km/h, storm, and to let them draw ships (another application of the Energybird Technology).

After having done this successfully, we shall go on to build an anchor station with a big generator in it to produce current, first,

and to build an anchor station with a big air compressor in it to fill lots of bottles with energy in the form of compressed air, second.


Floating Energybird Units on the wide oceans can gather wind energy in the form of compressed air. Ships will gather the bottles and transport them to the places of energy consumption. Combined with small stations with motor and generator, the wind energy, imprisoned in these bottles, can produce current in houses and gardens. For instance also in Haiiti, in Puerto Prince and in the villages around. That is help, which can reach people hit by disaster quick and directly, because it can fall out of the air, dropped from airplanes. Food, tents and energy units, dropped from airplanes, can ensure, that people in a scrape suffer much less than now. It’s possible. It doesn’t cost so much money to fully develop the energy help instruments. It’s a matter of political will, enclosed the will to overcome sabotating opposing interests.


You, Minister Koenders, with so much Money in your hands, have the finger on the button to start the helping processes (even as demissionair minister, should the cabinet Balkenende fall). Doing so or doing not, you inevitably will manifest, if you are an opponent of the opposing interests or part of the opposing interests, speaking positively (“my heart is for Clean Energy”) and acting negatively (avoiding real reaction).


We are living in a sea of clean energy. The fact that - see page 5 of our website - there are several clean energy production technologies, and all stifled, is evidence of the existence of a stifling party. Future researchers know all about this party (The Rothschild-Rockefeller-Bilderberg-Party). The people don’t tolerate the sabotage any longer. You have a finger on the button to start the energy transition now.


We would like to get an invitation into your ministry to discuss the energy transition with you.


Yours truly

TOPtech Energy

Director Gunther Niessen

Innovation. Development. Future Research





P.S. We use to publish letters of public interest on our website

together with the answer or the statement of a missing answer.

See   www.letteranswerstatistics.kiddds.org


P.S. 2:   As demissioair minister you also can take the step to give 5 million Euro for the Energybird prototype, perhaps it is now even easier. An opposing Balkenende cannot hinder you any longer. The decision depends on you. On your devotement to clean energy.






There is more behind the stifle

activities than economic interests only:


Big Oil, Big Bank, Big Brother: Big Disease




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Letter to      Bert Koenders, Minister for Overseas Development Aid

Thema:       Clean Energy, financing a big prototype of the Energybird power plant

                   Development of energy instruments which can be dropped from airplanes

                   to reach suffering people immediately after earthquakes (Haiiti) or tsunamis.

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Page 5 , technology

Page 6 , actual



Clean energy is Gold for the citizens of the world,

but is stifled by big parties.


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Clean energy is not the only field of manipulating, sabotating, hushing up activities. However, here we can present hard facts of the nonsense of these activities. Thus we can conclude: there is

only one real answer to the why-question:


Big Disease



Study the attached letter answer statistics!

Letter to Bert Koenders, Minister for Development Aid in Cabinet Balkenende. Balkenende (--) is clearly opposing.