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LAST :  Indicator of dark activities, manipulating, hushing up, diving away
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Page 5 , technology

Page 6 , actual



Why certain parties are stifling real solutions?

We are looking for the true explanation, for the persons involved and for their tricks to cloud their activities.

Tekstvak: Big Disease
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F1, clean energy

F2, population

F3, money

Page 4 , dimensions

Field 1

Enough cheap Clean Energy


At least 4 production methods are stifled.

Why? Read more!

Field 2

Population balance


Commom sense

solution sabotated.

Why? Read more!

Field 3

money function, money corruption


Commom sense

solution sabotated.

Why? Read more!

Tekstvak: We are looking for positive and helping persons (++) and try to detect 
indirectly operating negative persons (--). Unknown state of a person: attachment (??)

Suppression of solutions in 3 important fields:


The nonesense of the

stifling activities shows:


There is only one

real answer to the



Letters with LAST to these persons: please click on the name:

Open Letter to Balkenende (--) , Answer from Balkenende (--) , Letter to M.v d Hoeven (--) , Letter to Koenders (??) ,

more to follow .. LAST developed by World Party